Past Issue : Vol: 13, Issue: 3 2023

Ergon-Novel Ergonomics for Neck Discomfort - An Easy & Affordable Solution

Shreyansh Vikas Mishra, Bikash Kumar Mishra, Rashmi Rekha Acharya


In today's world of advancements, nearly 84% of people face neck and back pain at some point in their lives, of which 90% is attributed to bad posture. This leads to cervical and l...

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Study of Rate of Diffusion of Liquids and Factors Affecting it

Prerit Roshan


Diffusion is a physical process that refers to the spontaneous movement of particles, atoms, or molecules from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. It...

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Study of Prevalence of Thyroid Dysfunctions in Connective Tissue Disorders

Dr. Lalana Kalekar, Dr. Lokendra Thakur, Dr Prerana Bhavsar, Dr Amruta Digole, Dr Amruta B...


Thyroid dysfunctions are detected in 41% of connective tissue disorders. Majority have autoimmune thyroid dysfunction; however Indian data is missing. Aims & Objectives: To evalu...

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Design and Analysis of Modular Gridded Base Platform for the Static Structural Testing of Aerospace Structures

Fathima N, Sudhir S Nair, Junaidh M I, Vinayak P Varma, Rakhil Krishnan R, Deepthy S Nair


To qualify the design of aerospace structures, which are designed with minimum margin, it is necessary to subject them to static structural tests to reveal the real state of stress...

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Classification of Pottery Shards from Diverse Geographical Regions Based on XRF Profiles

Ankita Nandy


Pottery fragments found in archaeological sites across the world provide insights into the prevalent manufacturing technology, commercial usage of wares and the socio-politico-econ...

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Neural Network-Based Classification of XRF Profiles Of Pottery Shards Using Synthetic Data

Ankita Nandy


Across all archaeological sites, pottery fragments have been abundant and insightful resources for understanding the societies which crafted, traded and/or used them. Their chemica...

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Flood Vulnerability Study of Oha River Basin, Nigeria

Ibiyemi Abisola JESULEYE, Bowale Ayodeji BABALOGBON


The increasing episodes of flood bringing about enormous damage to lives and properties in different parts of South-western region of Nigeria, served as a key rationale for this st...

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Lifestyle During Online Education: An Overview

Vardhana Garg, Prof. Charu Vyas


Life style means the way or routine of living the life which broadly includes the interest, behaviour, beliefs and attitude and opportunity to learn which is affected by environmen...

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Leveraging on Innovative Technology as an Effective Tool in Teaching English Grammar

Senny Oluwatumbi Oso (Ph.D), Dr Folasade Esther Jimola


The role of teachers is gradually changing from providing information to organizing and facilitating learning process. Talk and chalk method of teaching and learning though had bee...

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Forecasting Air Quality in Amritsar

Ankita Nandy, Rashmi Kujur


Tourism in Amritsar happens to be an important contributor towards the economy of Punjab. The holy sites of Amritsar attract several pilgrims all around the year, several of them b...

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Isolation and Characterization of Heavy Metals Resistant Bacteria in Water Samples from Mambilla Artisanal Mining Site, Nguroje, Taraba State

Tatah Verwiyeh Silas, Ayantse Lubem Martins, Boyi Nsenreuti Richard-Harris, Timothy Mgbede...


The present study aimed to characterize and assess the resistance of specific bacterial strains obtained from water samples collected around the Nguroje area of the Mambilla Platea...

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