Past Issue : Vol: 10, Issue: 4 2020

Leveraging the Machine Learning Tools and Techniques for Enhancing the Efficiency of Safeguards for Cyber Security

Deeya Tangri


Teacher Perceptions of Critical Thinking among Students and Its Influence on Higher Education

Ammar Hussein Yasir, Asst.Prof. Bushra Saadoon Mohammed Alnoori


Employability of Neural Network Tools and Techniques for Enhancing Image Caption Generation

Harshit Dua


Devising an ‘Image Steganography’ Framework for an Enhanced Efficacy for Sequential Data Embedded System

Ishaan Gupta


Developing an Integrated Model to Enhance the Efficiency in the Detection and Erasing of Duplicate Files from Cloud

Rishit Garkhel


Developing an Integrated Model Centred on Artificial Intelligence to Effectively Predict and Analyse Climate Change Including Global Warming

Sehaj Bedi


An increase in average temperature worldwide is called global warming. Regular occasions and human exercises are accepted to be adding to expanding normal worldwide temperatures. L...

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Employability of Blockchain in the Efficacious Record and Use of the Real Estate Land Transaction

Karan Mor


Land Management in India and many areas of the planet is a highly extravagant and shaky interaction. Encouraging a protected framework that speeds up the course of land enlistment ...

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