Employability of the Internet of Things (IOT) in the Enhanced Efficacy of Meteorological Forecast and Smart Monitoring System

Ahmed Abbas Naqvi

New Delhi, India

Vol: 10, Issue: 4, 2020

Receiving Date: 2020-09-06 Acceptance Date:


Publication Date:


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The paper proposes making data from a real-time weather monitoring system accessible worldwide from a specific location. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology behind this. This is a sophisticated and effective technique for connecting things within a network to the internet and the entire world. A DHT11 sensor continuously monitors temperature and humidity, a rain sensor measures rainfall intensity, and an LDR sensor measures weather conditions like cloudiness or sunshine. The framework sends this data to the microcontroller regularly, which then forms it and sends it to the internet web server over a Wi-Fi connection. The implemented system's updated data can be accessed online from anywhere worldwide.

Keywords: IOT, Meteorological Forecast and Smart Monitoring System; DHT 11


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