Past Issue : Vol: 13, Issue: 1 2023

Skin Cancer Detection: A Survey

Bhavay Khatri


Due to a lack of awareness of its warning signs and preventative measures, skin cancer—one of the deadliest types of cancer—has seen a significant increase in mortality rates. ...

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Low Cost Portable Ventilator

Prof. Trima P. Fernandes e Fizardo, Prof, Anisha Cotta, Jane Fernanades, Myola Dias, Skyli...


The COVID-19 pandemic has produced critical shortages of ventilators worldwide. This aim of this paper is to build mechanical ventilators with low cost. This project is based on th...

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Exploitation of PANI Based Metal Oxide(ZnO-SnO2) Thick Films Humidity Sensor

T.R. Ingle, G.T. Lamdhade


Polyaniline (PANI) based Metal oxide nanocomposite thick films were prepared by using the screen printing technique. The films were fired and optimized temperature of 60ºc for 30 ...

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Nanocrystalline Titanium Dioxide Dipped with AlCl2 as a Humidity Sensors

R B Butley, R V Joat, G T Lamdhade, K B Raulkar, A O Chauhan


Titanium dioxide and AlCl2 was mixed in different stoichiometry in mol wt. % for the study. By using the screen printing technique, the thick films of humidity sensors are prepared...

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Investigation of Altitudinal and Longitudinal Variations of Pollen Grains of the Oak Species (The Genus Quercus L.) in Duhok Province Iraq

Mooner Ramadan Yasin, Mahmood Mohammed Mahmood, Dler Jala Ramzan Sulaivani


Pollen grains of 3 Iraqian oak (Quercus) species belongmg to section Quercus and section cerris growing naturally in Duhok province Iraq. Three altitudinal zones (500-1000 m, 1000-...

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To Study the Effect of Solvent on AC Conductivity and Dielectric Constant on Blend Formation of Poly (Styrene): Poly (Vinyl Acetate)

H.G. Pande, G. T. Lamdhade


The main objective of this work is to illustrate miscibility, when formation of poly blends occurred in different solvents. Isothermal evaporation method was used to achieve poly b...

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Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles Influence on the Electrical Properties of (PVA-PEG) Blend

Ahmed Fleih Hassan


In this study, we preparation polymer blend (PVA-PEG) for three samples in different Molecular weight of PEG ( 4000-8000-20000 g/mol) then preparation anther three samples polyme...

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Deep Learning and Machine Learning to Diagnose Melanoma

Dr. Priyanka Kaushik


The most dangerous disorders include melanoma. Yet, a precise diagnosis of skin cancer is difficult. Recent research has shown that a variety of activities can be performed better ...

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Enhanced Cloud Car Parking System using ML and Advance Neural Network

Dr. Priyanka Kaushik


It is a challenging challenge for the users to find a parking spot to park their vehicles because of the rapid increase in vehicle density, particularly during the busiest times of...

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Preparation and Characterization of 4:1 (EC-PVC) Ethyl Cellulose - Polyvinyl Chloride Polyblends Thin Films

Welekar N.R., Wasnik T.S., Lamdhade G. T.


The present study is focused on preparation and characterization of 4:1 (EC-PVC) Ethyl Cellulose - Polyvinyl Chloride polyblends thin films of pure and doping with different wei...

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Developing Enhanced Features in the Application Security System Design by Leveraging Blockchain Technology in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Savar Sharma


In view of the current status of Internet of Things applications and related security problems, the architecture system of Internet of Things applications based on blockchain is in...

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Developing an Integrated Smart System Based on Internet of Things (IOT) in Enhancing the Prevention of Fraudulent Intrusions in Finance and Banking Industry

Smriti Narang


The study examines how significant the IoT has become for our youth. It has had a massive extension in the business, and many individuals see it as the following enormous item, eve...

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