Past Issue : Vol: 10, Issue: 1 2020

Digital Storytelling with Goshthi

Ankita Nandy, Rashmi Kujur


Almost all ancient civilizations have had a tradition of storytelling. This oral tradition has sustained the handover of valuable knowledge from generation to generation. The audie...

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Association of Irisin with the Oxidant-Antioxidant Parameters in Type 2 Diabetic Patients According to Age in Thi-Qar Province, Iraq

Saad H. Al-Badry, Khalid G. Al-Fartoosi


The present study aimed to assessment of irisin level in patients with the newly onset type 2 "diabetes mellitus" (T2D.M.) and the scanning the association of irisin value with s...

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Understand the Cryptouniverse-Mainly 'Bitcoin' with Advantages and Disadvantages by Dint of SWOT Analysis Technique

Hardik Chaudhary


Cryptocurrency, an encrypted, peer-to-peer network for facilitating digital barter, is a technology developed eight years ago. Bitcoin, the first and most popular cryptocurrency, i...

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A Comprehensive and Detailed Analysis of Types, Design and Functionality of Particle Accelerators

Hardik Chaudhary


A Particle Accelerator is a device which uses electromagnetic fields to propel charged particles or ions to high speeds and contain them in well-defined paths in the form of beams....

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Exploring the Possibility of Applying Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Inter Multi-Lingual Translation of Indian Languages for Enhanced Ease of Interoperatibility

Vipul Goyal, Hardik Chaudhary


India is a country having multiple languages. The states in the country are based on languages; the people speak in those regions. Even in the same state, the language changes over...

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The Questioning Technique and Its Role in Developing Thinking Skills: Especially Productive Skills (Writing)

Hassan Malik Faraj, Prof. Dr. Bushra Saadoon Mohammed Al- Noori


Promotion of the critical and creative thinking is a important competency from students learning a second language. it is proposed that second language barriers in writing skills...

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An In-depth Analysis of Categorized Mining Algorithms for Opinion Mining

Shubham Bhardwaj


Today's information and ideas can't be shared without social media. A person's day-to-day life is significantly affected by their emotional impact. An ecosystem that generates mill...

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