A Comprehensive and Detailed Analysis of Types, Design and Functionality of Particle Accelerators

Hardik Chaudhary


Vol: 10, Issue: 1, 2020

Receiving Date: 2020-01-20 Acceptance Date:


Publication Date:


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A Particle Accelerator is a device which uses electromagnetic fields to propel charged particles or ions to high speeds and contain them in well-defined paths in the form of beams. These particle accelerators also provide us with a new developed field of electronics called the ‘Spintronics’. Unlike conventional devices that use electrons’ charge to create power, Spintronic devices use electrons’ spin. Thus these accelerators provide wide range of possibilities of applications in industrial and particularly in electronics. Its application also lies in generation of high ranges of radio frequencies especially for microwave electronic devices.

Keywords: Particle Accelerator; Accelerators and Beams; Cyclotron; Radio Frequency Linear Accelerators


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