Past Issue : Vol: 9, Issue: 1 2019

Anomaly Detection in Urban Areas

Abdulrahman Alreshidi, Hina Afridi, Wilayat Khan


In this paper, we propose a novel approach to detect anomalies in urban areas. This is achieved by analyzing the crowd behavior by extracting the local binary patterns (LBP) and La...

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DDOS Attack Detection Using Data Mining Technique

Shreshtha Jha


Cyber Crime is a computerized wrongdoing relating to something that ought to be conceivable on the web and isn't lawful. Bad behavior related to something that is done unlawfully o...

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Machine Learning and Cancer: Employability of Random Forest, Support Vector Machine, Bayesian Network Algorithmic Tools in the Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Adarsh Dhiman


is a significant step to take to prevent this disease. However, it is not easy, because of a few vulnerabilities and recognition of mammograms. Machine Learning (ML) strategies ca...

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Beyond Words: Pictograms For Indian Languages

Ankita Nandy


Pictograms are ubiquitous: from public conveniences to private chat messages. The ease of interpretation of these symbolic representations has encouraged their usage in diverse fie...

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OLI Image Based on Machine Learning Classification

Abhinav Kansal


Classification for remote detecting pictures needs to manufacture runs through AI. OLI pictures are helpful multispectral pictures put into utilization in 2013. Three sorts of AI c...

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Use of CAD and CAM in Apparel Manufacturing- A Multifaceted Approach

Jomichan S Pattathil, Dr. Sibichan K. Mathew


Manufacturing industries globally depend on productivity of their processes to create products that can meet the requirements of the customers in the affordable price range. Produ...

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Employability of RSA, AES, Time Scheduling to Enhance Data Sharing in Secure Environment

Aadi Dhandha


Now a day's Cloud in playing a significant role in data storage. The client stores data and maintained by the third-party cloud service provider, which reduce the cost of data mana...

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Developing an Integrated System Based on Predictive Analytics for Detecting Fraudulent Activities

Namrata Deswal


The ubiquity of web-based shopping is developing step by step. In 2021, north of 40 billion advanced exchanges worth over a quadrillion Indian rupee had recorded the nation over. A...

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