Past Issue : Vol: 14, Issue: 1 2024

Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Using Potassium Trioxalatoferrate[III] as a Single Source Precursor and its Application for Degradation of Organic Dyes

Ajay V. Gole, Hetal J. Mehta, Vidhi Vyas


Organic azo and vat dyes are widely used in textile industries and approximately 15-50% doesn’t adhere to garments during the dyeing process and are released into water bodies fr...

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SMS Spam Detection Using Machine Learning Approach

Anikait Kapoor, Debavushan Saikia, Ishaan Dhawan


With the rise in mobile awareness in recent years, the short message service (SMS) industry has generated billions of dollars in revenue. However, this has led to an increase in un...

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Using Additive and Deep Learning Algorithms for Weather Forecasting

Vivek Kakarla


One significant element that directly impacts agricultural activities is the weather. The type of crop that should be grown depends significantly on the temperature and humidity of...

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Enhanced Spark Cluster Recommendation Engine Powered by Generative AI

Tanvi S Hungund


Apache Spark, renowned for its proficiency in processing vast datasets, efficiently handles intricate processing tasks. It disperses these tasks across numerous computing instances...

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