Past Issue : Vol: 13, Issue: 2 2023

Algebraic Properties of 〖PGL〗_2 (C) for Long Exact Fibration Sequence with Sporadic Extensions

Deep Bhattacharjee


A concise formulation is given regarding the constructions of the group 〖PGL〗_2 (C) with its related algebraic properties with intertwined topological aspects in the long exact...

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Assessment of the Effect of Blue Light on Visual Acuity among College Students

Orjiako Rosemary Ndidiamaka, Edwin Okechukwu Nwobodo, Martin Chinedu Onuh, David Chibuike ...


Visual acuity is the acuteness or clarity of vision which is dependent on the shortness of the retinal focus within the eye, and the sensitivity of the interpretative faculty of th...

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Predicting Deflections in Beams using Machine Learning Algorithms

Vedhanth Raghu, Thanigaiarasu S


Prediction of deflections in structures is imperative for safety and stability. Classical approach and numerical solutions are currently being employed to predict the deflections o...

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Human Activity Identification and Suspicious Behaviour Detection System

Parmarth Mundhra, Krushna Dhobale, Abhijit Deogire, Rutuja Achole, Nalini Mhetre


Recognizing human action has been one of the biggest challenges in computer vision for the past two decades. Recently, it has become feasible to extract precise and cost-effective ...

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Leveraging the Big Data and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) in Right Identification of Feature Selection for Business Datasets

Arnav Kakar


Due to its contribution to GDP, business plays an important role in a nation's development. India has 29% of the Gross domestic product furthermore 28% of work. The service sector ...

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An Assertive Analysis on Genome India Project: An Investment Towards Future

Prerit Roshan


The Genome India Project, also known as the "GenomeIndia: Cataloguing the Genetic Variation in Indians" project, is an initiative launched by the Government of India. The project a...

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A Comprehensive Analysis of the Machine Learning Tools and Techniques in Enhancing the Cumulative Effectiveness of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Saniya Malik


This paper deeply shows the calculations used in Normal Language (NLU) utilizing AI (ML) to enable Normal Language applications like thoughtful investigation, text grouping and que...

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Advancement and Execution of Transformer Breather Health Observing Monitoring Using IoT

Yuvraaj Suri


Force transformers' dependable and proficient activity is pivotal for keeping a stable electrical framework. One essential part of transformer upkeep is observing the health of the...

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Exploring the Applicability of the Artificial Intelligence Tools, Techniques and Algorithms in the Legal Services Processes and System

Sohana Verma


These days, artificial intelligence is turning into an essential part of our life. Designed Artificial Intelligence could be more fit for recreating lawful consultants. A portion o...

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