Algebraic Properties of 〖PGL〗_2 (C) for Long Exact Fibration Sequence with Sporadic Extensions

Deep Bhattacharjee

Scientific Researcher, INS Research, Department of Geometry & Topology, India Programme Head, Electro – Gravitational Space Propulsion Laboratory, India Research Assistant, CXAI Technologies Ltd., Cyprus

Vol: 13, Issue: 2, 2023

Receiving Date: 2023-02-19 Acceptance Date:


Publication Date:


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A concise formulation is given regarding the constructions of the group 〖PGL〗_2 (C) with its related algebraic properties with intertwined topological aspects in the long exact fibration sequences as considered over homotopy and higher order homotopy groups with further extension to sporadic groups including the monster group formulations.

Keywords: Lie Groups; Homotopy


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