Past Issue : Vol: 12, Issue: 3 2022

Studies on the Effects of Potassium Ion on Nostoc Muscorum

Preeti Sharma, Dilip Kumar Rathore


In the present study the effect of potassium on Nostoc muscorum has been analyzed in terms of total growth, total carbohydrate, proteins and amino acids using 1 mg/l to 10 mg/l con...

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Design of Power Gated True Single-Phase-Clocked Flip-Flop

Pratiman Singh, Dr. Prashant K.Shah


In low-voltage functions, power optimization is critical. This paper shows how to make a low-power Data -Flip flop circuit with header power gating. The architecture's main purpose...

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Substitution Trends in the Mitochondrial Cytochrome B Protein Coding Gene and the Corresponding Changes in its Amino Acid Sequence in Catfish Species

Mohd Imran, Arif Ahmad, Iqbal Parwez

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The study describes the divergence trends in the partial segment cytochrome b gene (cyt. b) in six catfish species on the basis of the nucleotide substitutions and their location i...

A Review for Data Fragmentation in Cloud Computing

Qays Jabbar Abed, Dr. Rami Tawil


The importance of network security is demonstrated by preserving data from being stolen or tampered with by attackers. The computerized cloud supports the protection of both large ...

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Developing an Integrated System Using Machine Learning Tools and Techniques in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Forecasting Crop Yields

Shourya Gupta


As an agriculture based nation, India's monetary standing is dependent on it. Computation of this country's rural results is a significant test. Rural yield is impacted by Causes, ...

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Analysis of Product Quality, E-Marketing and Electronic Customer Relationship Management for Customer Loyalty (Study of Telkomsel Prepaid Card Users in Central Jakarta)

Juwita Nasruddin Dr. Dendi Anggi Gumilang


This study was used to determine the impact of product quality, e-marketing, and electronic customer relationship management on customer loyalty. The subject of this study focuses ...

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Planning Failure Recovery Strategies using Artificial Intelligence in Discrete Manufacturing Automation

Rishi Ahuja


Automated Production Systems (aPS) must be more adaptable to adapt to the range of goods because discrete manufacturing is typically small batch and customised; this makes the aPS ...

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