Past Issue : Vol: 12, Issue: 2 2022

Design and Implementation of a Novel Energy-Efficient Air Cooler

Mazin Faisal Fadheel


The Water air conditioner or cooler is considered to be one of the most common cooling devices that are used in the area of the Middle East due to its simplicity, low cost, easy to...

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Future of Online Signatures: The One-Sign Feature

Om Ranashing, Prateek Hajare, Hussain Sheikh


Have you ever messed up trying to sign a document digitally? If you did, then you know how difficult it is to use your index finger as a god-given stylus; To draw between those tin...

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Effect of Micro-Nutrients in Growth and Nutrient Uptake of Maize (Zea Mays L.)

Kasinam Doruk


The pot experiment was conducted in Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry . Annamalai university to evaluate the response of maize ( Zea mays L.) with conventional...

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Design of A Dual-band Square Slot Antenna for GPS Applications

Harith Ghanim Ayoub, Mohammed F. Ibrahim Alsarraj

[This paper was withdrawn due to certain technical errors]


A New Design single feed dual band micro-strip patch antenna that implemented in GPS applications is presented. The suggested antenna based on two bands of GPS systems. they are L1...

Fundamentals of Sensors, Materials and Methods: A Review

Snehal D. Patil, Harshal A. Nikam, Y. C. Sharma, D. B. Salunkhe, U. S. Jagtap, S. V. Giras...


The number of materials, methods and monitors are available for monitoring hazardous, toxic and inflammable gases. Bulk and nanoscaled material powders were utilized for fabricatin...

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Analytical Study of Toxic Elements Causing Water Pollution of River Krishna in Sangli District

M. V. Patil, A. C. Tawate, S. R. Bamane


Water is most essential commodity for the existence of any life. The use of water by plants, animals and man is universal. Every living organism require water for its survivor. Thi...

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Domain-Driven Actionable Knowledge Discovery for Traffic Accidents Using Rules Induction

Amira Yousif, Manisha Agarwal, Vikas Pareek


Due to the limitation of the methodologies of traditional data mining to satisfy business expectations, the shift from mining data-centered hidden patterns to domain-driven actiona...

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Economic Aspects of Organic Farming

Poornima Chaudhary


This article examines the economic and environmental factors unique to tiny, landless, and marginal farmers, and then suggests ways in which such farmers might increase their incom...

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