Past Issue : Vol: 12, Issue: 1 2022

Heterostructured Ga2O3-Activated Bi2O3 Sensors for Chlorine Monitoring

Y. B. Patil, D. R. Patil , Snehal D. Patil, Harshal A. Nikam, Y. C. Sharma


The nanocrystalline Bi2O3 powder was synthesized by ultrasonicated microwave irradiation by employing centrifugation technique at all normal conditions. Fabrication of thick films ...

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Forecasting the Movement of Renewables Stocks Using BSE Energy Index

Ankita Nandy


Coincident to the dip in the demand of conventional sources of energy like coal, oil and gas as the pandemic progressed has been a surge in the global demand for environment friend...

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The Effect of Bacteria on Dye

Walaa Shakir Mahmood


Microbiological and parasitological contamination of vegetables, water and soil in rural communities of a municipality was assessed. Samples were analyzed. Physical and chemical an...

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Review Article : Treatment of Bacterial Meningitis at Educational Al Hussein Hospital and Review of Antibiotics from Global Sources

Dr. Amany Shakeir Jaber


The outcome of bacterial meningitis critically depends on the rapid initiation of bactericidal antibiotic therapy and adequate management of septic shock. In the main laboratory at...

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Ischemic Heart Disease Treatment

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed, Abdullah Abdulkhaliq Qazzaz, Dr. Hydair Sachet Khalaf


Ischemic heart disease IHD is a rapidly increasing common cause of death in the world. This disease is the insufficient status of oxygen within the cardiac muscles due to an imbala...

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Synthesis of NaAlZrO3 Ceramic Nanodiscs and It’s Biological Applications

M V Patil, A C Tawate, S R Bamane


A new disc shaped NaAlZrO3 mixed oxides were synthesized by co-precipitation method and this disc shaped mixed metal oxides were confirmed by characterization such as XRD, PL Emiss...

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Hydrothermal Synthesis of tailored Tungsten Oxide (WO3) Nanoparticles for Versatile Functionalities

S.E.Naina Vinodini, Suvarna R. Bathe


The Nanocrystalline tungsten oxide(WO3) is synthesized on fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) glass substrates employing hydrothermal technique. The structure, phase and morphology of ...

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