Past Issue : Vol: 11, Issue: 3 2021

The Protective Potential of Metformin against Liver Acetaminophen Toxicity

Dina Suhail


The inadequacy to replace acetaminophen (APAP) with a more effective analgesic continues its use in therapeutic interventions, upholding the risk of hepatotoxicity. Depletion of gl...

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Benefits of Using CAD for Garment manufacturing: A Perception Analysis

Prof. Dr. Jomichan S Pattathil


The present research investigated the perception of four stakeholders’ viz. industry managers/supervisors, CAD practitioners working in Garment Manufacturing industry and faculty...

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Application of Assignment Problem and Traffic Intensity in Minimization of Traffic Congestion

Rachna Rathore


In our daily life, we are facing several problems; Traffic congestion is one of them, which is becoming serious day by day. High number of vehicles on road, insufficient infrastruc...

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Detecting of Fraud Click on Advertisement

Ananya Smirti


Nowadays, advertising plays a major role in boosting a business. And every company has to pay some amount for it. As we know, mobile technology is handy and almost available in eve...

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Effect of Cybercrime in Real World

Raghav Gupta


The Internet is a space that utilises the electronic and electromagnetic range to store, change, and exchange information through the organisation and system related to physical or...

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Concept, Challenges and Research Issue in Big Data Analysis

Trisha Sharma


Taking care of the high aspect informational index plays a huge testing task for each association and establishment. Extensive information is a considerable measure of information ...

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