Past Issue : Vol: 11, Issue: 1 2021

A Review Study on The Effect of Fungi and Aflatoxin on Stem Cells

Iman Hadi Alfayyadh, Ihsan Hameed Khudhair


Infection with pathogenic fungi, such as invasive Aspergillosis, remains a major infectious disease. Causes of death after transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCT), altho...

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Smart Farming Management System Using IOT

Garigipati Vijay Kumar, Pallikonda Jashuva


Smart agriculture farming system is a new idea of farming in agriculture, because which uses IoT technology to monitor the crop 24/7 and sends the information to the cloud. This em...

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Using of Linguistic Aspects of Bloom’s Taxonomy in Blended Learning

Ayad Anad Abdullah, Prof. Dr. Bushra Saadoon Mohammed Al Noori


This paper shows findings from the practical implementation of Bloom’s taxonomy into the class of Intercultural Business Communication that has been learnt for several years at t...

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Leveraging Data Mining Tools and Techniques to Effectively Execute Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Data

Apoorva Khera


Lately, online social media has taken a fundamental part in communication and sharing of information. Countless users prefer social media as it is accessible to many individuals wi...

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Empirical Review of Trends in the Implementation of Frequent Pattern Mining for E-Commerce

Aftab Ahmed N.A., Dr. Syed Umar


Customers commonly need to gather even more details about an item prior to purchasing. They usually reflect on the view of additional customers to help to make a decision on their ...

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