Past Issue : Vol: 10, Issue: 3 2020

A Research on Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence

Anirudh Dahiya


Nowadays cyberattack is very common and also very dangerous. It not only corrupts data but also steals money from the user's accounts. To prevent this, we introduce CSAAI. Artifici...

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Analysis of the Effectiveness of Brand Communication of Project Mom and Baby Universe at the Store Raja Susu in Creating Brand Awareness, Shopper Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention on Danone Specialized Nutrition Product Consumers

Fery Ade Putra, Dr. Baruna Hadibrata, MM


This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of Brand Communication (Project Mom and Baby Universe) on brand awareness, shopper satisfaction and repurchase intention of Danone Spec...

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Leveraging the Internet of Things Based on the Analytical Study of the Skeleton Joint Position in Recognising the Quality of Human Activity

Nipun Arora


To give consequently dissecting and identifying human exercises to offer better help in the medical services area, security reason and so on Strategy: We have utilized UTKinect-Act...

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Development of Creative Thinking Skills in the English Language Teaching Profession

Mohammed Saad Mizal, Asst. Prof. Dr. Bushara Saadoon Mohammed Al-Noori


The capability to think creatively is essential for human source competencies so that to boost universal competitiveness. Creative thinking is one of the utmost assets in the capab...

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Gainfully Using Machine Learning Algorithm in Enhancing the Efficacy of Evaluating Malware Detection System

Rishit Garkhel


The malware is an executable program that is very dangerous for pc or laptops. Some malware examples are adware, ransomware, bot, keyloggers, viruses, trojan horses etc. The aggre...

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An In-Depth Analysis of the Biometric Authentication Classification

Ram Khanna


Out of the numerous confirmations conspires in this paper, we are attempting to focus on the exhibition and grouping of one of the validation strategies, biometric verification. Ev...

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Employability of the User Opinion in Developing a Product Recommender System

Armaan Jain


The development of the Internet has helped E-Commerce (web-based shopping). These days, web-based shopping is exceptionally famous with the increasing number of people associated ...

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Employability of Data Mining Tools and Techniques to Enhance the Discovery Prospects of Qualitative Knowledge

Shourya Gupta


What's going on with all the energy? Information mining and information extraction have been drawing in many examinations, industry, and media considerations of late. This article ...

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