Past Issue : Vol: 10, Issue: 2 2020

Effect on Promotion, Motivation, Lifestyle and Personal Selling of Interest Using Credit Cards

Sunanda, Dr. Mirza, ST.MM


Credit cards are a great demand by urban communities, especially in the DKI Jakarta area. Because credit cards have considerable benefits in terms of prospective debtors. The probl...

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An Update on the Management of Urinary Tract Infections in the Era of Microbial Resistance

Dina Suhail M .Saleh


Urinary tract infections (UTIs) caused by antibiotic-resistant Gram-negative bacteria are a growing concern due to limited therapeutic options. Gram-negative bacteria, specifically...

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The Regulation of Immune System by Anti-Inflammatory Interleukins in Heart Disease Patients Infected With Toxoplasmosis,

Haider S. Abdullhusein, Basaad A. AL-Aboody, Ahmad H. Mohammed, Redha’ allah M. AL- A’...


The infection with Toxoplasmosisin humans, especially in people with weak immune system, pregnant women and those with underlying disease could entail serious damage. The objective...

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Uhamka Marketing Strategy to Improve Student Literacy

Guwido Nur Rahmawati, Dr. Mirza, ST., MM


According to UNESCO, Indonesia world literacy is in second place from the bottom with a percentage of 0.0001%. Some literature says that there are many factors that affect reading ...

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Mathematics, Quantifiers, Connectives, Multiple Models

Rosanna Festa


This focus evolves around the concept of mathematics and its components and the importance of connectives for mathematics applied to calculators. Symbols and synthesis are enrolled...

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The Effect Of Price, Quality Of Service, Brand Image Of Internet Product Vsat IP Broadband Quota To Alfamart Customer Satisfaction

Imam Subekhi, Baruna Hadibrata


The aim of this research was to determine the effect of Price, Quality of Service and Brand Image on Customer Satisfaction of Alfamart Customer in using VSAT IP Broadband Quota ser...

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Effect of Product Quality, Price Perception, Purchase Decisions Distribution, and Implications on Customer Satisfaction at Pt. Xyz

Rizky Ramadhan, Dudi Permana


This study aims to determine the effect of product quality, price perception, purchasing decisions distribution, and implications for PT. XYZ This research type is quantitative re...

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An In-Depth Analysis of the Usability of Artificial Intelligence Tools and Techniques in the Prevention of Banking Frauds

Anoushka Mongia


Banks have given a superior method for peopling to set aside and store cash. With the appearance of banks, installment and store strategies became more helpful than previously. How...

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Natural Language Processing for Studying Consumer Journey: A Case Study of Sneaker Shoppers

Jazmyn Singh


This research paper explores the use of natural language processing (NLP) and data mining to study the consumer journey of sneaker shoppers. We scraped tweets from Twitter and othe...

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