Past Issue : Vol: 9, Issue: 4 2019

Security Technique in Mobile Clouds to Ensure Malware Prevention

Yash Jaiswal


Objectives: Major privacy issues in Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) environment such as security of data are focused in this research. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Two major issues r...

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Developing and Integrating Framework Combining Apache Spark and Hadoop Tools Using Decision Tree Algorithms in Mitigating Accidents, Improving Road Safety and Predicting Adequate Safety Measures, 2019

Drishti Arora


In the transportation field, a huge amount of information has been gathered by IoT devices, remote detecting and other information assortment apparatuses bring new challenges, the ...

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Employability of Machine Learning Tools and Techniques to Translate Texts from Hindi to English

Pranshul Pahwa


Objectives: To provide approaches for effective Hindi-to-English Machine Translation (MT) that can be helpful in inexpensive and ease implementation of and MT systems. Methods/Stat...

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Exploring the Statistical Analysis- Quick Script to Develop Customised IOT and Machine Learning Tools

Mukul Ganghas


With the appearance of AI and IoT, the idea of becoming a member of savvy matters/apparatuses in our normal life is changing over into a fact. The paper examines the chances and ca...

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Developing a Prototype Model of an Eco-Friendly Self-Driven Car by Applying Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Controller

Unnati Gupta


The driverless car nowadays is in eye catcher to everyone; this technique not only frees people from engaging their hand on steering, but also frees people from giving attention on...

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Empirical Analysis of Traumatic Brain Imaging Using Brain MR Images

Vikas Narayan Nandgaonkar, Dr Kailash Jagannath Karande


Lately, deep learning strategies contain demonstrated the greatest shows in best competitions coping with MR image segmentations, like the brain tumor segmentation problem. The lat...

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., Leveraging Machine Learning Tools and Techniques in the Detection of Parody on Twitter and Other Social Networking Sites

Saatvik Wadhwa


Parody is an inconspicuous type of contradiction, which can be broadly utilized informal communities like Twitter. It is normally used to send stowed away data, a message sent by i...

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Developing an Integrated Model Based on Blockchain for the Efficacious Anti-Counterfeit ‘Detection’

Gaurav Chhikara


Fake goods have become a major issue in manufacturing in recent years. The company's name, sales, and profits are affected by this. Blockchain technology is employed to tell apart ...

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