Past Issue : Vol: 9, Issue: 2 2019

Adoption of CAD in Apparel Manufacturing Units: A Perception Analysis

Jomichan S Pattathil, Dr. Sibichan K. Mathew


This paper attempts to highlight the motivations and barriers towards CAD adoption among stakeholders in the Indian apparel manufacturing sector. Interactions with many leading gar...

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Real Estate System Using Smart Contracts

Mahesh Mahant, Yogesh Kalyanshetti, Mahendra Mahajan, Kaushal Muttin, Bobbyraj Wadi


The Blockchain technology is becoming a key technology in share economy. Recent studies proved that blockchain could be used not only for the economy but for other fields like heal...

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Parametric Optimization of Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloys

Dr. S S Deshmukh


Friction Stir Welding (FSW) has demonstrated a significant potential for joining low melting point non-ferrous metals in several joint configurations. During FSW metals are joined ...

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An Efficient Cryptographic Technique Using RC4 and Pixel Shuffling Algorithms

Jyothi B.K, Ganavi.M


The objective of the present project work is to use a new technique for image steganography in a color cover images,RC4 and pixel shuffling is used for secret message encryption a...

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Identifying Network Load Balancing by Applying the Machine Learning Technique to Predict Client Engagements

Aryan Marwah


Multipath redirecting makes use of some methods to circulate traffic from client to destination. This improves execution as well as accomplishes loadmanagement on server and model ...

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Analysis of the Pertinence and Resonance in Data Science for Efficacious Performance, Prediction and Visualization

Prithvi Singh Lamba


This paper targets analysing pertinent investigates on anticipating the presentation of understudies in Data Science viewpoint that incorporates AI and information mining. Investig...

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Employability of the Flicker Images in Enhancing the Efficacy of the Visual Sentiment Analysis

Siddharth Bhardwaj


Visual opinion investigation is the best approach to naturally perceive positive and pessimistic feelings from pictures, recordings, illustrations and stickers. To measure the extr...

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