Past Issue : Vol: 11, Issue: 2 2021

A Critical Review on The Effect of Feed to Inoculum Ratio on Biogas Digestion

M Kalyani, Shalini Suran, P Ramya


This paper primarily focuses on the effect of feed to inoculum ratio on biogas digestion; and outlines the various feeds, inoculums, and synergistic effects of the combination of i...

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A Review Paper on Communication Protocols of IOT

Sanjograj Singh Ahuja, Vithal Kashkari


We have a tendency to enter an incredibly new age in computer technology. In the cloud, IoT can be a type of "universal world neural network" connecting various objects. IoT can be...

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Recommendation of a Webpage by using Web Mining Technique

Keshav Agarwal


In today's world of the Internet, different varieties of content are created in enormous amounts, so to give pertinent outcomes to clients, web suggestions become a significant pie...

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Leveraging the Dual Layer in Enhancing the Data Security Safeguards in Cloud Environment

Anoushka Gupta


One of the significant benefits of distributed computing is dividing information between different organizations. Notwithstanding, this benefit itself has a danger to information. ...

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Understanding the Relationship Between National Food Security, Dietary Habits and Agrarian Policy: Case Study On India’s Green Revolution

Riya Chhikara


In the aftermath of the food crisis in India during 1965-66, and the neglect of the agrarian sector in the initial Five- Year Plans, a nation whose economy benefited mainly from pr...

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Developing a Smart Integrated Animal Tracking System Using Smart Sensors to Effectively Localize Humans(Students) for Various Applied Purposes

Suchit Lamba


The Internet of Things, or IoT, is changing our way of life, from how we react to how we act. IoT is a system for linking computing devices, machines, any technological objects, an...

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