Past Issue : Vol: 9, Issue: 3 2019

A Review on Static and Streamed Data

Atul Antil


This paper focuses on different continuous example mining strategies, their difficulties associated with static just as stream information condition. Data, the most valuable resour...

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Analysis of Electric Field Strengths and Power Densities of 4G LTE Base Stations in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana

A. R. Fuseini, J. K. Amoako, A. Twum


The analysis of electric field strengths and power densities at Fifty (50) Fourth Generation Long Time Evolution (4G LTE) telecommunication base stations in the Greater Accra regio...

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Patient Satisfaction and Perceptions About Quality of Healthcare at a Primary healthcare Centre of Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu

Dr.R.Sudharsan, Dr.V.Saravanabavan, D.Devanathan, M.Sc, M.Tech


Quality of services shows a variation between the patient and the provider. Therefore, it needs to be explored whether the quality can explain the utilization of government healthc...

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Analysis to Increase Customer Satisfaction in Jakarta XYZ Car Accessories

Deni Rizal Kaunang, Dr. Mirza, ST.MM


This study aims to analyze the effect of price, quality, personal selling, internet marketing and dealer location in accessories customer satisfaction in DKI Jakarta. Sampling met...

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Comparative Analysis of Learning Algorithms for Lung Cancer Identification

Yash Jaiswal


Lung Cancer detection making use of medical imaging is still a challenging task for radiologist. The objective of this research is to classify the types of lung tumours for extract...

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Analysing the Security and Cryptographic Features in Cloud

Rishita Tyagi


Distributed computing conveys figuring administrations over the web instead of keeping records on a restrictive group drive or local memory drives. Processing administrations can i...

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Leveraging Supervised Learning to Convey Customized Email Notifications

Mridul Sharma


Email communication is undoubtedly considered the most prominent and significant part of professional life, and our inbox is regularly immersed with useless messages. Several inves...

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