Analytical Insights into the Modified Fractional Bell Polynomial with Mittag-Leffler Parameter

Bhaktaraj Thiyam

Department of Mathematics, Manipur International University, Imphal, India

Md. Indraman Khan

Department of Mathematics, PETTIGREW College, Ukhrul, Manipur University, Manipur


Vol: 14, Issue: 2, 2024

Receiving Date: 2024-02-29 Acceptance Date:


Publication Date:


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In this paper, we will define the Modified Fractional Bell Polynomial by incorporating the Mittag Leffler function of one parameter. The Existence and convergence of the Modified Fractional Bell Polynomial will be established by extending the classical results of Bell Polynomial and Mittag Leffler function of one parameter in the fractional calculus. Additionally, we explore the inverse of the Modified Fractional Bell Polynomial, providing a step-by-step proof of its existence. This result enhances the applicability of the polynomial by allowing a unique mapping from each output to a set of input values. The introduction of the Modified Fractional Bell Polynomial, with its well-established properties, opens avenues for further research and applications in diverse mathematical contexts. The generality of the polynomial makes it a powerful tool for modeling complex phenomena.

Keywords: Fractional Bell Polynomials; Mittag-Leffler Function; Generalization; Modified Fractional Bell Polynomial; Existence; Convergence; Inverse Function; Mathematical Analysis; Special Functions


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