Prof. Rashmi Ashtt


Vol: 1, Issue: 4, 2011

Theories of urbanization describe city as a living organism, which takes birth as Neopolis, grows into a Megapolis and ultimately dies as a Necropolis. The whole process takes its due course and transfers its growth impetus to the adjoining sub-areas, thus giving birth to another new city. But, this organic growth and death of cities can be regulated if handled in a planned manner. A city when starts growing at an unprecedented pace it requires attention of the authorities, development agencies, political parties and of course the common man. Kanpur has also emerged as a dynamic city of Uttar Pradesh and needs immediate attention so that it develops as a planned city. This will not only improve the infrastructure but also lead to a secured social life of the natives as well as the tourists. The social and physical needs of the city if addressed to in a planned manner will definitely raise the Quality of life(QOL index ) of the people in Kanpur.

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